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Subsea & Ruggedized Cable Consulting

Do you know all aspects of submarine or terrestrial cable design, construction, application, failures and survivability?
We do.
Over 100 years of practical knowledge and experience has made R&R System Solutions the globally recognized subject matter experts in undersea cables.
This collective experience creates a safeguard for our client’s interest by providing technical expertise in Engineering, Quality Management and Consulting for undersea systems, cables, and hardware

The knowledge and experience...putting it all together
Our Services

Ready to find out more?

Here's how the undersea cable experts at R&R System Solutions can help you with your project needs.

Choosing the Right Cable

Selecting the right cable components and performance characteristics for your project is critical. We provide guidance and support for all your cable ​needs.


We are uniquely experienced to provide solutions that envelope ocean cable design, cable requirements and issue resolution to meet your project's needs.

Undersea cable


We serve our clients best by focusing on program quality, derived from our knowledge, experience and lessons learned.

Testing & Evaluation

Evaluation and testing are critical no matter your cable or project. We produce the right requirements for testing  and evaluating the results for optimal performance.

Cable Maintenance

Our team literally helped write the book on cables: Submarine Cable Mechanics and Laying Procedures. Let us help you create a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Technical Training

Let us train your team to bring another dimension for understanding and implementation for program/project quality.

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