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Submarine Cable & Maintenance

Dependent on the cable application the planning for maintenance should simultaneously be done with cable installation. R&R has expertise and knowledge in submarine cable mechanics and laying procedures, to assist our clients in developing a comprehensive maintenance plan. Factors to consider when creating a maintenance plan include the type of cable system, storage, the environment in which it operates, the expected usage, and the potential risks or issues that could arise.


R&R’s knowledge can be instrumental in helping your customers create and implement a comprehensive maintenance plan that maximizes the lifespan and performance of their cable systems

  • Preparing Plans & Procedures

  • Call Out Requirements

  • Assess Response Time

  • Jointing Specification/Qualification Requirements

  • Assess Repair Factors such as method of repair, mean time to repair, etc.

  • Determine Spares Requirements

Undersea Cable Installation

Undersea Cable Installation


Undersea Cable Maintenance

Undersea Cable Maintenance


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