Identifying & Designing the Correct Undersea Cable

Within our world there are countless undersea cable constructions for a multitude of ocean or underwater applications. Here are several examples of applications that can encompass a variety of different components with a wide range of sizes:

1. Tow Cables

2. Riser Cables

3. Umbilical Cables

4. Power Cables

5. Specialty Cables:

Small – Micro;


High Fiber Count;



Bottom Laid- Deep Ocean, Armored, Fish Bite Protection

No matter what type of cable you plan to use in a subsea environment, selecting the right components and performance characteristics is critical. Without a good specification, misunderstanding or assumptions can waste money and time.

Here are just a few examples where one needs to be attentive to when specifying a subsea cable:

  • jacketing material

  • strength member

  • breaking strength

  • compression factors

  • repair requirements

  • working load

  • elongation properties

  • minimum bend diameter

  • power & signal requirements

  • knowledge of torque & rotation characteristics

  • optical fiber type-tensile strength and attenuation requirement

  • and much more . . .

Let R&R System Solutions deliver the expertise and accumulated experience to provide guidance, training and support of all your ocean and ruggedized cable ​needs.