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Project Quality

From modest to multi-million dollar ocean or specialized projects, R&R System Solutions with its proven track record of success in undersea requirements and execution brings the expertise to deliver the subsea cable system you need, when you need it, within your cost objectives.

As providers of quality services for undersea requirements, we incorporate the principles of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Six Sigma, ISO, and Total Quality Management (TQM) to the requirements of our clients.

  • R&R defines program quality as how well a program operates in delvering its product or service on time and within budget meeting all the requirements. There are various elements that R&R applies to evaluate program quality, depending on the context and goals of the program. Some possible elements include: 
  • Requirements management: This involves the program's ability to develop, maintain, and conform to requirements throughout the program lifecycle.

  • Team experience and lessons learned: This refers to the knowledge and skills of the program team, as well as the use of lessons learned and checklists to improve program quality.

  • Peer inspections/reviews: This refers to the effectiveness of reviews and inspections conducted by peers to identify and address issues or risks in the program.

  • Verification techniques and procedures: This involves the techniques and procedures used to verify that the program is meeting its goals and objectives, and that the deliverables meet the required quality standards.

  • Management support and tools: This refers to the support and resources provided by management to enhance program success, such as providing adequate funding, staffing, and tools.

  • Customer value: This involves the customer's perception of the value provided by the program, such as whether the program meets their needs and expectations, and whether it provides a positive return on investment.

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